The Best Christmas Present I Ever Received

This is totally random, but I’m just thinking about the Christmas season and what the best gift that I ever received was.  The whole way this thought came into my head was pretty simple. I was just watching Home Alone 2 on T.V. and saw the scene in which Kevin McAllister (McCaulay Culkin) has his Talkboy rigged up to play back his uncles voice, while he has a blow up doll shaking in the shower. This scheme is meant to  scare off the suspicious hotel agent who comes snooping in the hotel room.

I remember getting a Talkboy for Christmas. I can’t say what the exact year was, but I’m guessing it was around 1996. I know that the only reason I asked for one was because of Home Alone 2. I had an idea in my head that I would be able to use it to hatch elaborate schemes of my own. Not schemes that involved burglars and hotel workers, like in the film, but rather siblings and parents.

Unfortunately, I can’t recall ever hatching a scheme that was memorable. Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever recorded my voice for any longer than an hour the whole time that I had the Talkboy. I think I mostly used it to record voices from television.  Funny enough, I go online today and see vintage advertisements from the 90′s advertising it at $200. Looks like I wasted a bit of the parents money back in the day. I remember the giant chunk of plastic spent most of the time buried somewhere in the toy room in the basement, underneath the stairs.

My favorite present that I ever received was a pair of Bauer hockey gloves. I got them, what has to be, well over ten years ago now.  I remember how excited I was because they were worth around $200 and were top of the line gloves at the time. They were totally unnecessary because I just was a minor hockey player –  just a kid having fun. Today, I am still using them every time I lace up my skates and hop on the ice to play the game that I still love. They’ve been soaked in blood, and sweat, and they’ve seen holes form at the fingers. They’re the last piece of gear I put on every time I get dressed to play hockey, and every time that happens, I think a point is proven that a gift can be worth more than the price tag that’s pasted to the box. A gift that’s truly special can be priceless. Merry Christmas.